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About Jeremy

Called to Serve

Jeremy has lived a life dedicated to service from being student body president at West High to following in his parents’ footsteps as a teacher. Now an energy specialist, Jeremy dedicates himself to maximizing operational efficiencies to stretch the taxpayer dollar for the Sioux City Schools. In the Army National Guard, Jeremy enlisted in a time of two wars and finished first in intelligence school. Jeremy is currently serving as a Chaplain (Major) in the Iowa Army National Guard.

Jeremy holds a B.A. in English (Dowling College, NY) and two advanced degrees, an M.A. in English from USD and an M.Div. from Liberty University, Virginia. An avid supporter of the arts, Jeremy has published literature and performed in local theater. Jeremy met his wife Kim while he was teaching at a university in Vietnam, and they count as blessings four girls and two boys. They own the Green Tea Salon and as small business owners know what it takes to create jobs for our area.

Jeremy Taylor is a member of the Army National Guard. Use of his military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Army or the Department of Defense.


Goals for Woodbury County by 2024

Putting Your Family First


1. Grow Jobs and Our Economy

Economic development is key to our future. For the last 5 years, we have invested in a spirit of cooperation with Sioux City, Sergeant Bluff, and our rural communities to grow jobs and invest in quality of life. In order to continue growing the right way, we must work with the Siouxland Chamber and Initiative, our business partners, and in public-private partnerships (IEDA) while including our educational institutions for the labor shortage demand. We must streamline the ease of development, lower taxes at the county level (something that I helped lead the charge to do a record 5 years' straight), and help set the conditions for growth. Whether a new business reshoring here needing a developed site, a small business starting up, or our ag producers expanding, we can set the conditions for growth.

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2. Lower Taxes on Working Families

We must follow through on the lowering of tax levies as Woodbury County has done the last five years, moving from 2nd highest to 8th in a 27-county, 100-mile radius. Lower taxes help keep us competitive and ease the burden for families during this tough time. Our budgets must look to efficient and smart, effective planning. The Board agreed with my plan to dedicate $1 out of every $2 dollars of future CF revenue ($28 million over 20 years time) to property tax relief. However, this must steadfastly be followed through each year. I will continue to scrutinize the budget, deliver creative solutions to challenges, and make smart investments that save taxpayers and working families.


3. Rebuild our Roads & Infrastructure

We must build the best county road system possible in order to support farm-to-market economic development, emergency services, improved quality of life, and help kids get to school. The county let the road system degrade for nearly three decades. I authored the plan to borrow against future CF revenue rather than saddling property taxpayers with an increased burden. Building a 4-6 inch base must be a priority with the best material we can while maintaining bridges and a sound county-wide system. The county must also continue to participate in the Interstate Justification Report and cooperate with regional stewardship.

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4. Provide Long-Term Planning

I have overseen long-term planning over the last five years, which has led to becoming the first all-LED lit county, consolidating the Treasurer and Clerk of Courts into their respective spaces for efficiency, and several Capital Improvement Program initiatives. We must build a long-term CIP for the historic courthouse to preserve a unique historic gem and 100-year-old National Landmark valued between $80-$100 million. Smart planning and foresight must govern jail construction in order to save taxpayers in the long run. Finally, we must look to budget for scheduled maintenance and technologies that steward our taxpayer resources and save energy costs.


5. Provide High-Quality Services

The county has a critical role in supporting public health with Siouxland District Health in the midst of COVID-19. We must proactively work across departments and offices once in silos to support a common thread of quality of life for needed services, whether in helping our regional partners and providers  for mental health, conservation for recreation and family life, or our court system for public safety and justice.

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6. Support Law Enforcement/Responders

No one has worked harder and more effectively to support law enforcement and first responders. I crafted the resolution keeping fallen heroes' families on county insurance, and provided a path for county-wide paramedics without a tax increase. We must continue to give law enforcement and emergency services/management the tools they need to effectively respond, whether in training, needed equipment, or adequate funding.



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